La boheme boutique


LU is a new brand of a unique boutique that produces delicate items by hand and with great thought by the designer Lihi Benaim.

Above the surface you will find all the most beautiful and special things, of which we are very proud. And so happy to place them on your private center.

At home in the office and wherever you will want to add beauty. 


And below the surface, here you will discover hard work, a lot of hard work and especially a great passion and love for the precious items with attention to the small details as well as large ones , suffused above all in scintillating design. With the miracle of soft media , it comes to you. from the delicate packaging stage to the transport over meters or even kilometers coming to the special place designated for it. Lu directs her clientele to the female, from woman to woman,


Votre beauté commence à l'extérieur
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